Mandala is a Sanskrit word (the sacred language of India). Literally means «circle», though conceptually refers to «the shape that contains the essence» (Manda = Essence, La = container).
Some of the benefits of contemplation and creative work with mandalas are:
Balance and harmony., generate positive moods, improve concentration., help to overcome fears., relax and calms down, encourage self-awareness, connect with our essence, increase self-confidence and stimulate creativity. 


Uruguayan artist born in Montevideo in 1975. Graduated in Arts of the National School of Fine Arts, University of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay.

Since 1998, relates to the art of Mandala, creating her own designs and researching through her personal experience.

Then begin to include working with Mandalas in her Art classes and experience the positive results in their students.

Beginning  2003, looking to expand her vision, she began to  contact with professionals working with Mandalas in the region and Europe.

He specializes in Europe with Marie Pré, French Pedagogue and Founder of   “Experienced Professionals Network into Pedagogy about  Drawing Centered or Mandala”, and Jean Routchenko, Trainer of the Network in Spain.

She is Network member and coordinator for Latin America to the  Pedagogy about Drawing Centered or Mandala, teaching, for first time in the region, workshops that make up this innovative approach to balance, focus and self -knowledge.
«Through the Art and the Mandala I could discover my essence and express my true feelings. I wish that my colours and forms lead you to experience the mandala and accompany your way. Thank you !  – Marcela Bidondo



CEL –  +598.94940294 

Montevideo – Uruguay

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